Family Areas

Please note there are two Family Areas, one in the Walled Garden Tent and the second one in the Prayer Hall. Families with very young children will be directed to the Prayer Hall. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

  • Security measures will be in place and you will be scanned before you enter Family Area locations.
  • All Children under 10 years of age must go to the Family Areas.
  • Children aged 10 or 11 may go either to the Family Areas or the Satsang Tent and must always be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • All children aged 12 years and over MUST go into the main Satsang Tent accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • All children whether in the Family Areas or Satsang Tent must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 years or over.
  • The Family Areas opens at 7.00 am and closes at the end of satsang.
  • Small travel toys may be brought into the Family Areas. Food for your child may also be brought in as food is not otherwise provided.
  • Hot and cold water is available with a limited facility to heat food and milk.
  • Mobile phones and electronic games are not permitted into the Family Areas.
  • Children must not be left in the Family Areas without a parent or guardian. Please see conditions of use of the Family Areas below.
  • It can be cold in the Family Areas. Please dress children appropriately and bring a blanket or shawl.
  • Be sure to bring any medication your child may need. Children with any infectious diseases such as chicken pox, measles etc, should not be brought to the Family Areas. Please be considerate towards other children.

Family Areas Conditions of Use

  • The Family Areas are for parents or guardians to look after their children during satsang.
  • Each person who brings a child to the Family Areas is responsible for the child they accompany. Parents and guardians must ensure that their children are well behaved and do not indulge in any unruly or violent activities.
  • The Family Areas are used entirely at your own risk, Science of the Soul accepts no liability for any actions, omissions or injury to the child or guardians whilst using the Family Areas.
  • Parents and guardians must remain with the child during the entire time that the child is in the Family Areas.
  • No child may leave the Family Areas unless accompanied by the parent or guardian responsible for that child.
  • No parent or guardian may leave the Family Areas without also taking the child that they are responsible for.
  • Your child is your responsibility. Please ensure you keep your child under your sight and supervision at all times. Science of the Soul accepts no liability for lost or separated children.
  • Other members of the family attending satsang in the main Satsang Tent should not return to the Family Areas for collecting children. They must arrange beforehand to meet at another location within the Haynes Park estate.
  • Sevadars will not look after or attend to children. It is the sole responsibility of parents and guardians.

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