Accommodation Guide

Luton, Bedford and Milton Keynes are convenient for those flying into Luton or those preferring to stay closer to Haynes Park. London Heathrow hotels for those flying into Heathrow Airport or Gatwick. You are welcome to stay in any other location of your choice. The hotels listed are as an aid only. There are also many smaller hotels in these areas. Please use hotel travel websites for the best prices.

For coach information to and from Haynes Park please contact your local co-ordinator.

You may contact the hotels using the information provided below to make your reservations. When making reservations:

  • Enquire about the cancellation policy.
  • Only reserve the number of rooms that you require.
  • Please do not reserve rooms for someone else.
  • Make sure the reservation is guaranteed.
  • Get the confirmation number for your reservation.
  • Special requests for rooms (for example, floor level) should be made at the time of making your reservation.
  • Each hotel will have its own policy on the number of people allowed to stay in a room. Please check with the hotel when making your reservation.
  • No cooking is allowed in the hotel rooms except at the designated apartment hotels.
  • All rates are approximate and better rates may be found on travel websites. These prices are subject to change.
  • Haynes Park is not responsible for hotel arrangements, please read hotel policies carefully.

Hotel List

  • This page has been created to assist the sangat in obtaining hotel and apartment information of nearby towns within a 20 mile radius from the satsang centre and near London Heathrow airport. List is not comprehensive.
  • The list of hotels and apartments of each town can be downloaded by clicking the following links:

Milton Keynes Area
London Heathrow

Useful Hotel Websites for Best Rates

Please be aware that each website has its own cancellation policy. Once booked there may be restrictions on cancellations.

Company Website
Last Minute
Late Rooms

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