Satsang Programme

  Haynes Park gates open: 6:00 am  
Satsang Tent gates open: 7:00 am
Please be seated by: 9:30 am
Satsang starts: 10:00 am
Satsang ends: 11:30 am
Tent field closes: 1:15 pm
Coaches leave: 1:15 pm
Haynes Park closes: 2:15 pm
Arriving before this time and parking outside the estate, causes disturbance to the local community and is a safety hazard to other road users. It is requested that you arrive nearer to the opening time.

Satsang Programme
Each day there will be a spiritual discourse beginning at 10.00 am, followed by a Question & Answer session. Those residing in the invited countries are welcome to attend. Everyone is requested to be seated by 9:30 am at the latest. Please allow an extra 20 minutes to make your way from the car parks to taking your seat in the Satsang Tent. Children 10 years of age and older are permitted to attend Satsang in company of an adult. Children under 10 years of age must go to the Family Area accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For a printable abridged information leaflet TBA.

In the Satsang Tent
Security measures will be in place and you will be scanned before you enter the Satsang Tent and the two Family Area locations.
Large bags, food and drinks will NOT be permitted inside the Satsang Tent. Anyone with any of these items must leave them in their vehicles, if not they will be required to deposit them in the baggage storage areas. Only a small cushion, small handbag and a 500ml bottle of water will be allowed inside the Satsang Tent.

The sangat must be seated by 9:30 am. Should you need to leave your seat closer to this time or after, please take your belonging with you, as you will be requested to sit at the back . Chairs for those with a severe physical disability may be reserved through your local centre Secretary/Co-ordinator. Limited chairs will be available for the general sangat. Reserving or holding seats for others will not be permitted.

Simultaneous Translation
There will be simultaneous translation from Punjabi into English only. A designated seating area in the Satsang Tent with headphones has been arranged for this purpose. Please note that there is limited seating in this area, available on a first come first served basis.

The average temperature in the Haynes Park area is 22/12 °C (71/53 °F) at this time of year. It can be wet and windy, so a warm jacket and shawl is recommended. The Satsang Tent is without heating facilities so please dress appropriately. There is a store for umbrellas in the tent.

Shoes and Clothing
The ground may be uneven so wear appropriate footwear. In the tent keep your shoes with you at all times, even if you take them off. If it rains, plastic bags will be provided for shoes if required. Please note that the floor covering in the tent may not be colourfast.
Please be considerate of others with health issues (allergies, asthma, etc.) and avoid wearing any perfumes, essential oils, or other strong scents.

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